A sparky funny moving tale of sex, violence, live bait and dead dogs. Two best mates, Sam and Kieran.  A bewitching traveller girl, Lori and Moony, waitress and dreamer. Young lives torn apart by tragedy.

Seamonsters was awarded the Grand Jury Prize at the Nantes Film Festival 2012.

Official selection for best film Austin Film Festival 2012

Official selection for Best Film Raindance Film Festival 2012

Adapted from the Royal Court play "Outside Of Heaven" by Martin Sadofski. Shot by Nick Gordon-Smith (Gallivant, Ivul). 

Produced by Angela Gordon.  Directed by Julian Kerridge, 


My London film school grad film. Shot on Super 16mm film over four days in Blackpool, May 2008. Cast - Michelle Holmes, Jack Guttmann and Zoe Iqbal.

I discovered the stranded ferry on a recce to Blackpool and wrote it into the script as a metaphor for Daryl, stuck in a rut and unable to move on with his life. On the day we shot the opening scene the diggers turned up and started tearing the boat apart.  It was so dramatic and utterly by chance.  All Day Breakfast is about escape. Its about growing up in a small town the conflicting ties between a Mother her Son and a fledgling relationship struggling to take flight.

The film premiered at the 2009 Raindance film festivals and has since been seen at numerous other festivals



If everything you need can be bought online and delivered directly to your door, why leave the house? Mr John (Benedict Wong) is an untidy agoraphobic and TV critic. He lives alone in his flat and for the past two years has managed to get by without leaving his front door. He just about survives, but when an intrusive neighbour (Nicola Stephenson) barges into his life and turns it upside down, he is finally forced to face his deepest fear. This is the touching and darkly comic tale of a man spiralling inward, terrified of letting go of his security and trapped by the comforts of technology.



The residents of Salford's Spring Bank estate feature in this fly-on-the-wall documentary about life, bingo and the joys of old age. As the preparations get underway for the arrival of tonights entertainment the locals settle down to a game of bingo. The discussion ranges from the death of Steve Irwin to the behaviour of Wayne rooney. Directed By Julian Kerridge and Kristian Edwards

This was shot on DV in September 2006 in the old peoples estate where my Grandmother lives. My cousin Kristian Edwards co-produced it with me.

This is a 3 minute excerpt from the full 26 min film



I wrote and directed this film in June 2007. It was shot in a week on 35mm Film in a constructed set in the large studio at the London Film School and edited by Monica Bravo. All location photography was in Lewisham, including the Hither Green crematorium. Original music composed by Chloe Nicholson. Featuring Ellena Stacey as Collette, Lynn Blakley as April and Roger Evans as The Vicar. The voice of Stanley Walker was performed by myself. This was a term four LFS directing project. Shot on 35 mm Panavision Gold with 3600 feet of Kodak Colour stock. Unfortunately I don't have an HD scan of the film print - this rather low-res version was ripped of a DVD provided by the film school.




An intimate documentary featuring Whitstable artist John Butterworth. John was predominantly an abstract artist until the untimely death of his brother Charles left him devastated and disconnected from his early work.

No longer able to relate to the intangible nature of his art he began a series of figurative paintings that featured people falling from the sky. Portrait is about coming to terms with grief, and a reflection on art, life and mortality.

Produced at the London Film School, Shot on 16mm kodak film